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Humbly Changing is dedicated to working with individuals and families to create strong healthy communities.  We know that the work starts within, and our qualified Counselors are standing by to coach you on your journey!  We work with you to gain clarity and perspective, promote self-worth, and self-trust and create a path to a more fulfilled life.

Breaking the Stigma

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health despite the need, only one in three Black Americans seek out mental health.  We are humbly changing this outlook by bringing healing and resolution to the individuals, families and relationships that need it most. 

Individual & Group Therapy

Our qualified Counselors and Coaches offer both in-person and virtual options for individual and group counseling services.  We work with clients on issues such as overcoming trauma, anxiety and stress reduction, conflict resolution, relationships, and building self-concepts.

Relationship & Marriage Counseling

We offer relationship & Individual Coaching & Counseling that focuses on strengthening bonds in relationships. We Specialize in women of the BIPOC(Black, Indigenous, people of color) and disadvantaged communities to teach the importance of empowerment while improving confidence, and learning to have the ability to maintain healthy relationships. We also Specialize in working with those to over trauma while breaking the trauma cycle, building self-love, and increasing self-esteem.  We work with married couples to increase communication, identify and encourage love languages, to strengthen bonds toward healthy relationships.

Speaking Engagements

We want to raise awareness as to how Mental/ Behavior Health and Trauma have caused a major impact on the BIPOC & Disadvantage people and the community. At the corporate HumblyChanging works toward motivating positive change.  To inquire about a speaker for your event or organization see the information below.


There is no perfection in life, only purpose for all.

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